Lab Registration

will be done during the Add/Drop period*

between March 25-31, 2021


The students who have registered to Phys 101, Phys 102, Phys 121, Phys 130, Phys 201 or Phys 202 courses also have to register for non-credit Labs of these courses provided that they have not previously pass** the Lab.


In order for the students to attend Labs online it has been necessary for the students to register for the Labs during the Add/Drop period. Registration for the Lab Course will be automatically performed by the system if you have not already received a numercal passing grade for the Lab. The list of the Phys courses and the associated Phyl Courses are listed below:


Phys 101 and Phys 121 students  ->  Phyl 101

Phys 102 and Phys 130 students  ->  Phyl 102

Phys 201 students  ->  Phyl 201

Phys 202 students  ->  Phyl 202


* Registration to the Lab courses will be done online through University Registration System.


** Students who passed the lab after Fall'03 do not need to add Lab courses. Please check your Lab Grade. Old Lab Grades will be valid unless student wants to repeat the Lab. The most recent Lab Grade is used.


Online Lab Grades will be valid only when the courses are online. Otherwise Lab is Repeated.


Spring and Summer 2020 Lab grades are not valid this semester.


online automatic Registration
Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 10:00 to Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 23:45