PHYS Lab makes 20 out of 100 points of your total PHYS course grade.

In order to pass the course you must pass the lab. 

Once you pass the lab, you don't need to retake the lab even if you fail the PHYS course. Your lab grade will be valid.

If you repeat the lab and fail it, you must retake it even if you had passed the lab before. The most recent lab grade is taken into account. 


Each lab session is 12 points. 2 points for a prelab quiz at the ver first 10 mins. of the session and the report is 10 points. Your report is filled in within the lab. 

At the end of the semester, the average of your lab session grades are calculated over 12 points. Lab final exam is 8 point making total 20 points. 


Lab Grade = average (Lab Report) + Lab Final Exam

Lab Reports (including pre-lab quiz) = 12; Lab Final = 8; TOTAL = 20