1) I am new in this course. What should I do?

- Check the date for Lab registration. Detailed information is given on Registration page.

2) What is needed for Lab Registration?

- Finalize your Schedule. All PSes and Labs of other courses must be definite. If you plan to add and drop any course, picture the final schedule after add/drop before you come for Lab Registration.

3) How can I complete my Lab Registration?

- Lab Registration is done at KB 410. Fill your SCHEDULE on the given empty program paper. Leave your program to the ASSISTANT. Do not leave your program if you are
not sure about your course schedule.

4) I work part-time. Is it possible to mark my busy hours in my schedule?

- You have to prove that you work part-time. Your priority is your courses. In some cases you may be asked to change your work hours.

5) How can I learn my Lab Section?

- Lab sections are announced at Lab Web Page. Announcement date is given on Registration page.
6) I am repeating the course and I passed the Lab before. Is my previous Lab Grade still valid?

- Lab Grades older than Fall 2003 is not valid.

7) I took the lab 3 times. Which one will be valid if I repeat the course again?

- The most recent Lab Grade is valid.

8) I repeat the course and passed the Lab before. Should I repeat the Lab too?

- It is up to you to repeat the lab. Your most recent Lab Grade will be valid after all. If you fail you have to repeat it again. If your grade is lower than previous Lab Grade, the last one will be valid.


9) Where can I buy the Lab Book?

- Phys 101, 121 and 201 Lab Books are sold at Book Store - Pandora.
- Phys 102, 130 and 202 Lab Books are given on Lab web page.

10) There are more than one Physics Lab Book. Which one is mine?

- Buy the correct Lab Book.

11) What should I bring to the Laboratory?

- Bring your Lab Book (without your Lab book you miss the lab), calculator, pen, pencil, and eraser with you. No mobile phone is allowed in the Laboratory.

12) How can I study the Quizes?

- There will be a Quiz before you start each experiment and it is graded max 2 pt over 20. Read the relevant material from your Lab Book and your text book before coming to the Lab.

13) What am I going to do at the first day of the Laboratory?

- Read the relevant material before coming to the Lab. There will be a quiz before you start each experiment. At the Lab;

14) What is important in order to prepare my Lab report in each experiment?

- In your Lab book, Part.I Basic Methods is important. You are advised to read that part. You are required to use the worksheets to report your results. You should include all your calculations and measurements to show that you have completed the experiment fully and carried out the required analysis yourself.


15) Is there any make up for missed labs?

- There is no make up for missed labs unless you are charged for duty by the university or the exam of another course is given at the same hour.

16) What can I do if I am charged by the university for any event?

- Take a paper from the university management showing you are charged. Make up for your Lab in any section which is good for you during the same experiment period by giving the excuse paper to the Lab instructor.

17) What can I do if I have any appointment at Consulate/Police (for foreign students) etc?

- Take a copy of the appointment paper. Make up for your Lab in any section which is good for you during the same experiment period by giving the copy of the excuse paper to the Lab instructor.

18) What can I do if I have any exam of my other courses at my Lab hour?

- Bring a paper from your Professor explaining that you have/had an exam. Make up for your Lab in any section which is good for you during the same experiment period by giving the excuse paper to the Lab instructor.

19) When can I make up for my missed lab if I have a valid excuse like being charged by university, having an appointment at Consulate/Police etc., having an exam of another course I take?

- You can only make up for your missed lab during the same experiment period any time your lab course is tought. Except summer term this period is only one week. Each week the experiments are changed. In the summer term this period is just for 2 days.

20) What kind of excuses are valid in Physics Labs?

- There are several excuses accepted:

21) Is there any limit for missing the lab?

- There is NO LIMIT for missed labs. But missed Lab grade will be ZERO. Final average Lab Grade must be at least 10 over 20 to pass.

22) How many of the valid excuses is accepted during the semester?

- More than one valid excuse is not accepted during the semester. Only ONE..

23) With two valid excuses how can you grade my Physics Lab?

-One of them will be accepted EXCUSED and ineffective in Lab Grade calculation and the other will be accepted as ZERO.

24) Where should I leave my excuse paper?

- If you have an excuse letting you make up for your missed Lab, give it to the Lab Instructor you are doing your missed Experiment. Otherwise leave your excuse to Zuhal Kaplan Aręk's mail box at Physics Secretary Room in no more than 2 weeks. Don't forget to write on the excuse paper:


25) How do you calculate my Lab Grade?

- Lab Reports are graded over 12 (10 for Lab Experiments, 2 for Quiz), and Lab Final Exam is over 8. Total Lab Grade is calculated by using the following formula:

Lab Grade = Average(Lab Report) + Lab Final Exam over 8

26) What is the minimum grade to pass the Lab?

- Minimum grade to pass the Lab is 10 over 20.

27) Is there a make up for Lab Exam?

- There is no Lab Exam make up.

28) Do I fail the Lab if I miss the Lab Exam?

- If the average of your Lab Reports is 10 or more, you pass the Lab. The contribution of your Exam will be ZERO if you don't take the exam.

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